New Workshop: Secure $1,000,000 in Funded Trading Accounts

WITHOUT having to drastically change your existing strategy, rely on a signal service, or purchase an expensive new indicator

What's Included In This Workshop

This workshop will cover a step by step method to:

  • Pass your funded account evaluation the first time around
  • Trading Audit & Insights
  • Customized Action Plan

What Do You Get?


$1,000,000 Funded Account Strategy

Figure out exactly what your gaps are psychologically and how to fix them. Learn whether you currently have issues with discipline, trade management, money management, or your emotions.


$1,000,000 Funded Account Formula

We will take a look at your trades over the last 90 days and provide you insights on how you can optimize them going forward.


$1,000,000 Funded Account Case Studies

Learn concrete action steps that you can start implementing as early as your next trading session. This isn't a one size fits all solution, it is customized just for you.


$1,000,000 Funded Account Formula Cheat Sheet

We are so confident that we will show you how to double your monthly PNL that if you feel we have wasted your time we will send you $100

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